Choosing a Home Health Care Provider

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Once you have made the decision that home health care services are right for you, choosing the right provider is the next step. There are several important questions to ask when choosing a Home Health Care  Service:

How long has the home health agency been in business?

 If the agency has been in business for several years, it should have either positive track record or a long list of complaints associated with their company. Complaints do not necessarily mean that they are tru but it shows that they are in business and it is unavoidable to have complaints.

Does the agency have active licenses to operate? This is a very important issue to investigate when choosing a home health care provider. State of California requires home health agencies to be licensed and regularly reviewed. In addition every Medicare approved Home Health Care must be accredited. NOHO Home Health Care is accredited by the most reputable organization in the industry. You can find our seal of approval by JCHO on all of our material

Does the home care agency create a personalized plan for each client? At the start of patient care each patient goes through comprehensive evaluation to determine the kind of care that is right for the patient . By providing individualized care plans, nurses and other professional caregivers are less likely to overlook important aspects of the patient’s care

How does the home health agency handle expenses and billing? Most patients are covered by Medicare. There are also other HMOs and Private insurances that cover home health services. Ask your insurance carrier if your policy is covered. NOHO Home health is also provides volunteer service to members of US Armed Forces. Call and see if you qualify

Will you receive a copy of the written care plan?  After receiving the evaluations or plan of care documentation it is important read it and understand it to avoid any misunderstandings about the care being provided. A care plan should include details about the patient’s specific health care needs and any medical equipment that will be utilized throughout treatment.

Will the agency work directly with you or your loved one, family members and health care providers? NOHO Home Health Care is committed in helping to educate family members on how to provide a comfortable setting forproper care for their loved one, and we also cooperate with the patient’s other health care providers in accordance with HIPPA regulations.

Are there any limits on the types of tasks performed?  It is important to know and understand what to expect and what not to expect from your home health care services provider.

When will service be provided?  Inquire about the frequency of visits and what happens if you need a nurse after hours, on weekends or during holidays. Ask about the agency’s policy on delivering services in the event of a power failure or natural disaster.

How are problems addressed and resolved within the agency?  Find out who you or another family member can contact with requests, questions, or complaints.

How is an employee absence handled by the agency?  In the event that a home health care provider becomes ill or takes a leave of absence, it is important to know what the agency does to ensure that your home care will be continued.

Does the home health agency keep the patient’s physician informed of the progress of care? Agency must immediately inform the primary care physician of any changes in condition

What is the agency’s policy on how a supervisor evaluates the quality of home care? Ask how closely the agency monitors its employees and how often it evaluates the quality of care being provided.