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Professional and Compassionate Healthcare

At Noho Home Health Care, our first focus is to provide the highest quality health care by our team of licensed professionals in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Our home health care services include skilled nursing, wound care, pain management, medication and disease education, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy,  and much more.

Most people express preference for home care over institutional care; as it is more likely for the patient to feel better in the safety and comfort of their home. Studies have shown that patients who receive in-home care heal faster, live better lives, have less need for re-hospitalization, and enjoy more independent and personalized care plan while surrounded by their loved ones

Overall, home health care is the most cost effective, most efficient, comfortable, and compassionate approach to caring for your patient; and more importantly, home health care guarantees dignity, security, and comfort at a time when patients health goes through drastic changes.