Information for Physicians


 Committed and Compasionate Home Health Care Providers

NOHO Home Health Care is a nationally-recognized and JCHO accredite home health provider in California. For the fifth consecutive year, NOHO Home Health Care has been a proud member of Medicare certified and JCHO accredited  home health care provider family, a recognition of the leading home health care providers in the United States. We are strive in helping patients live better, recover faster, and have a higher quality of life, dignity and independence at home. Our dedication and attention to detail has earned us the trust of our patients and physician providing care for them.

Home health care should benefit physicians’ practices by helping to maximize valuable time and resources, both of the physicians and their staffs. NOHO Home Health Care believes the patient and primary care physician are best served when the flow of communications and timely information among health care providers is made seamless and as timely as possible.

  • Courteous and professional team of support staff
  • Patient Welcome Kits
  • Care Transitions
  • Personal Health Records Booklet for our patients
  • Disease Management Programs for Chronic Care and other conditions

NOHO Home Health Care understands the business of running a successful physician practice in Louisiana, and we pride ourselves on our working relationships with physicians and their professional nursing staffs. So we provide all the vital information to help the physician make more informative decisions:

  • Treatment regimens
  • Prescriptions, dosages, allergies, and more
  • Billing, including insurance provider and Medicare / Medicaid information
  • Caregivers, including referrals and hospital stays
  • Patient status updates